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Across the globe, payroll and labor law are famous for being an extremely complex matter. In Vietnam, it is no different. The law is changing, evolving and adapting each year with major update every few years. Entrusting a professional firm such as PCA Company Services for your payroll management is a wise and sound choice.


Payroll is the total of all compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period of time or on a given date. It is usually managed by the accounting or human resources department of a business; small-business payrolls may be handled directly by the owner or an associate. Increasingly, payroll is outsourced to specialized firms that handle paycheck processing, employee benefits and insurance, and accounting tasks such as tax withholding. Payroll can also refer to the list of employees of a business and the amount of compensation due to each of them. It is a major expense for most businesses and is almost always deductible, meaning the expense can be deducted from gross income lowering the taxable income of the company. Payroll can differ from one pay period to another because of overtime, sick pay, and other variables.


Professional payroll services offer many benefits and a few disadvantages. One major benefit of payroll services is their ability to produce a variety of reports that simplify accounting procedures and help companies ensure they are in compliance with legal and tax filing requirements. The payroll service may also maintain a record of how much vacation or personal time employees have used. Many medium- and large-size companies contract outside payroll services to streamline the process. Employers keep track of the number of hours each employee worked and relay this information to the payroll service. On payday, the payroll service calculates the gross amount the employee is owed based on the number of hours or weeks worked during the pay period and the pay rate. The service deducts taxes and other withholdings from earnings and then pays the employees.(Source: Investopedia.com)

Payroll management is  a challenge for any business owners. There are many laws regulating what you have to track related to payroll. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines–or worse.

Many business owners use outside payroll services such as the ones PCA Company Services offers as we guarantee compliance with all the applicable laws. This keeps the business owner out of trouble with all regulations and saves time that can be devoted to something else in the business. Even if the rest of your books are done manually or internally, an external payroll system will save you time, money and help considerably with compliance.


Full HR & Payroll Package

This full HR & Payroll services package will cover the needs of your company to the fullest. It is a one year mission and it is just as having an HR specialist in your walls to handle all legal HR and payroll compliance matters. Additional expenses are not included such as government fees, fast processing, travel expenses, etc. 

Vietnam is a country where workers are well protected, as well as employers. Only if their contracts are well redacted and conditions well and properly negotiated in advance. Do not fall into the “foreigner employer trap”. ePCA Consulting has a broad knowledge in labor contracts and negotiations with employees and will be a definite asset when contracting time comes. We master all market and legal practices allowing our Clients to act knowingly and pragmatically, even in a hostile environment.

⦿ Understanding the current situation
⦿ Advising on the need of a legal work contract
⦿ Advising on the expenses related to such contract
⦿ Negotiations with the employee on behalf of the Client
⦿ Reaching an agreement on principle
⦿ Defining the contract particulars
⦿ Drafting the contract in Vietnamese
⦿ Translating it into English
⦿ Submitting to the Parties
⦿ Verifying lawfulness
⦿ Finalization of the contract

It is key to be properly advised during the company evolution. Each operations as simple as a registering a new employee at the District Labor Bureau is requested to come with the correct procedure and forms. In that particular case, ePCA Consulting will help you redact all the necessary minutes to enact the decision from the company and accomplish all legal procedures for both the company and the employee(s). He/she will guide and supervise the whole process making sure that it is legit and in compliance with Vietnamese law. 

The right form is needed for the right procedures. Your HR Compliance officer will take care of redacting and ensuring the correct form in the right format because each procedures.

Once prepped comes the time of filing. Your HR Compliance Officer will take care of filing the right form to the right desk. Making sure that no time is wasted and allowing the company to solely focus on business outsourcing their legal and compliance to a professional firm.

Every month there is a windows of a few days during which all government fees, social security, insurances and taxes (PIT) must be paid. ePCA Consulting can help you to pay these fees after having prepared them.

Formal changes in the employer/employee relationship must corrected declared and reported. . Those are mandatory and must be done properly and in due time. Your HR Compliance Officer will assist you with these complex tasks with a timely and accurate manner.

PCA Company Services will prepare and issue all the monthly Pay Slips for your employees. We will also prepare payments requests for the salaries, social security contributions and personal income tax! You have nothing to worry about anymore!

or 'A la carte' services

You can also hire us periodically to help!
For mission such as HR Audit, Labor contracts, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us!

What Clients say ?

Why would anyone hire the average accountant in your company who will never have any kind of responsibility in case of malpractice, when you can hire a professional firm with a dedicated team of professionals for a fraction of the price of having the same people in-house. The choice to go with PCA was no brainer. On top of that, they have been immensely helpful and patient since the first day.
Sebastian Grasco
We gave the tax token of our company to PCA and their teams over a year ago and since then, we have been helped and advised like never before. Consultancy sessions are short, straight to the point and truly actionable. As a business owner I cannot recommend PCA more because of their deep market knowledge and insightful recommendations that translate into considerable resources savings.
Tom N. Farley
It is very difficult to work with local partners as most Vietnamese accountants cannot communicate properly/natively in either French or English with our teams. Having the PCA team really helps us to understand the Vietnamese generally accepted accounting principles. In the long run, they helped us achieved substantial savings by making us understand the rules of deductibility.
Miss Duyen Cung
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