Our story

PCA Company Services all started from a group of professionals who dare to believe that a consulting firm could offer business advisory and legal advice of high quality but still at an affordable and transparent rate. We aim to help and assist our Clients from the bottom of our heart with the commitment and the dedication that is necessary to bring a venture to success. The whole business model is based on helping business owners finding the way to success in a legal and straight way. This is how understand the terms "Business Partner".

PCA Company Services is the most trusted and most reliable Partner in Vietnam when it comes to market entry, business consulting, corporate secretary services (company incorporation, legal, compliance, wage portage, nominee services, …), tax & accounting and payroll management services. We assist local Clients and international businesses in a competitive environment. PCA Company Services acts as a business facilitator, we enable individuals, groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate with the local actors and authorities to achieve synergies. We can assist Clients at all stages of their market entry and expansion in Vietnam. We offer world-class Clients business advisory, incorporation and outsourcing services enabling them to focus on their core business functions without dealing with the legal, accounting, tax and administrative aspects of their company. If your business does not require setting up a company, our other services such as audit, staffing, investors' services, sourcing, corporate secretary and compliance services will be your point of entry into the promising Vietnamese market.

Vietnam is not your typical Western country: a lot of laws and business practices are subject to interpretation and different from what most our Clients are used to. If you wish to be successful at the most efficient pace, using the least resources, you will have to partner with people who are on the field and deliver genuine solutions.

At PCA Company Services, we believe in combining practices, our attorneys for instance have deep accounting knowledge and our accountants and CPAs always work with our legal advisors to exchange and confirm their knowledge. Theory is only effective when crossed with experience. That is why our Consultants are so knowledgeable. How would do otherwise? An effective piece of advice requires pragmatism and multi-dimensional analysis that most provider just cannot produce. At PCA Company Services, we will always go for the right and long-term option, not the quick fix. So that we will be, and remain accountable for everything we say, everything we write and everything we do!

Your success is our success.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make  Vietnam a more attractive place to work and prosper by helping build a more equal land of opportunities for all. We aim to do so by improving the reputation and integrity of local actors and by increasing the level of transparency of compliance procedures and institutions thanks to an overall higher level of professionalism as we believe that a more opaque market will ultimately lead to unethical behaviors.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to “consistency compensate” the current lack of transparency of the Vietnamese market (service providers, business procedures, regulations and authorities) by a high-level, systematic, rigorous, and pragmatic approach based on the law but as well on experience and jurisprudence.

Our Values

Our Values are carried everyday by our people. We believe that only people of integrity can deliver an outstanding job. We invest in people and in their qualities, not only analytically and academically but also emotionally and ethically.

Our Motto

Leadership, Integrity, & Commitment in everything we do.

Meet our team.

Our people shows the highest level of ethics and integrity.

Mr. Bao N. Lê

Managing Partner - VIETNAM

Educated as an Engineer, trained as an investment banker, Mr. LE was a former VP in Lasalle Investment Management, a top RE Fund Management Firm. In 2011, he founded and leads since then, the PCA Holdings Group. Mr. LE has spent over 30 years overseas and holds a Master Degree from one of the top European Business Schools. He speaks six languages among which English, French and Vietnamese natively. With a unique and successful track record of over 11 years in Asia, he is considered a specialist in strategy with deep knowledge in finance and fiscal engineering. 

Miss Janice W.Y. LE


A former Marketing Executive at L’Oréal Hong Kong. Miss Janice has been in charge of brands such Armani or Yves-Saint-Laurent. Rapidly she has found a deep interest in entrepreneurship and has launched several successful ventures all in South East Asia (PRC and Vietnam). Today she is heading the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong office from where she and her team channel the flow of investors from China both corporates and individuals. She speaks fluently four languages including English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Miss Phan Thị T. Vy


Miss Vy started her career at PCA Holdings back in the years after she freshly graduated from university. Quickly showing incredible business and organizational skills, she quickly rose to an executive position. Today Miss Vy and her team are in charge of the operations at PCA Company Services, supervising and overseeing all operations of the company but as well as a portfolio of over 100 Clients.

Mr. Thiệu Văn Hùng


Mr. Hung is Juris Doctor from the University Of Economics Ho Chi Minh City has started his career in the legal team of a great real estate developer in Vietnam where he spent five years. Mastering real estate law, he has a broad knowledge in investment and corporate law. He is heading his team of attorneys and advisors at PCA Company Services and advises Clients on multiple matters from trademark to company incorporation.

Mr. Hồ Văn Chất

DIRECTOR - Head of accounting

Mr. Chat has been consistently lead of his class since University. This phenomenon has studied Accounting and Finance and has graduated with always the highest scores. Recognized a being an expert in his fields, Mr. Chat has an in-depth theoretical knowledge of the Vietnamese accounting and taxation laws coupled with hundreds of practical cases. He is a certified Chief Accountant by the Government and an expert in accounting, business procedures, payroll, social security, PIT and audit. During his career, Mr. Chat has reached several major tax settlements with the authorities. His personal motto is “keep trust and take responsibility” reflecting and adding on to PCA’s motto which is “Leadership, Integrity, & Commitment in everything we do.” Mr. Chat proudly heads our Accounting Department.

Mr. Phạm Hoàng Khải


Mr. Pham Hoang Khai graduated from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City on 2009, majoring in accounting and auditing. He has acquired substantial experience in the industry working as senior executive for audit firms for the past 10 years. He is a specialist in audit, compliance procedures, business practices & processes and taxation. In his research for perfection, Mr. Khai loves the Englishman’s quote that gives him the ideal of living and working: “The key to success is feedback.”, as getting a feedback from your Clients and surroundings always helps you understand yourself better and create a path for continuous improvement. Mr. Khai is a Certified Public Accountant and leads the Audit and Controlling Practice at PCA Company Services.

We do what we great because we are a team. We care for each other! 

PCA has your back.

This is how we see things. Running a limited liability company is a lot easier than what you may think or may have heard elsewhere. 
We preach simplicity where things are simple. We make things simple to understand when they get complicated.

Savings resources

Entering a market is difficult and the choice of a professional partner is key. Vietnam is a fragmented market with little or no visibility. Getting the right partner working with you will not only earn precious time but also great amounts of money saved on late filings and so much more. We help you increase productivity by taking care of the non value-added but indispensable administrative tasks.

Business advisory

Unlike other firms, we will not charge you for everything and anything. PCA model is similar like ‘notaries’, we only charge if titles and deeds are to be made or processed. Need help for a lease contracts or have a question about your business? Just ask, we will not charge you. We believe this is the correct approach to help our Clients. We help build your business because our success is where yours is.

Ethics & Philosophy

We will not bring you somewhere unless we are 100% certain it is safe. We work for our Clients, they are everything to us. Their interest comes first. When two or more options are available to us, we always present all options our Clients and they decide which one to go for taking into account the risks and rewards previously explained. Ethics are with us in everything we do, everything we write and everything we say.

Precious time

Time is money. Competition is ferocious. Sometimes being late one day for a request for proposal can make you lose your bid. That is why we believe in response time. Our team of experts will support you within minutes 24/7 anytime of the year. Chat, email or phone call, we do it all. Not convinced ? Request a video/conference call, an expert will be around to answer all your questions. And yes when we say we help, it is free of any charge.

Need for transparency

It is all about helping. You cannot do this job correctly if you do not have the heart. After talking to us, we hope you will feel it! PCA was created out of a need of transparency and professionalism in an opaque market. We believe we had to create an offer that could fit the Vietnamese booming landscape offering real rock-solid solutions to our Clients while maintaining a high level professionalism at fair rates. That makes us unique!

The 80% - 20% rule​

Being experienced to provide proper business advisory is key. The solutions we provide are the fruit of years of experience. Pareto’s principle can explain, not only all about economies of scales and learning curves, but it explains also why we can afford charging more affordable rates to our Clients. As we often deal with the same issues, we have built experience that is immediately actionable. Our Clients are the first to benefit from it, no doubt about it.

What Clients say ?

Why would anyone hire the average accountant in your company who will never have any kind of responsibility in case of malpractice, when you can hire a professional firm with a dedicated team of professionals for a fraction of the price of having the same people in-house. The choice to go with PCA was no brainer. On top of that, they have been immensely helpful and patient since the first day.
Sebastian Grasco
We gave the tax token of our company to PCA and their teams over a year ago and since then, we have been helped and advised like never before. Consultancy sessions are short, straight to the point and truly actionable. As a business owner I cannot recommend PCA more because of their deep market knowledge and insightful recommendations that translate into considerable resources savings.
Tom N. Farley
It is very difficult to work with local partners as most Vietnamese accountants cannot communicate properly/natively in either French or English with our teams. Having the PCA team really helps us to understand the Vietnamese generally accepted accounting principles. In the long run, they helped us achieved substantial savings by making us understand the rules of deductibility.
Miss Duyen Cung

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